Friday, March 2, 2007

Guía de los archivos de la iglesia en España


This site is the best place to get parish record information for Spain. The site itself is in French, but all the PDF files that this section of the site points to are in Spanish.

Contents of the Site

The home page contains a clickable ecclesiastical map all Spanish dioceses. The site links to the archival guide (PDF format) and the website for each dioceses. The PDF archival guides include an approximate list of the first records in each parish archive for:
  • baptisms
  • confirmations
  • marriages
  • deaths/burials
  • financial records
There are about 23,000 parish archives throughout Spain that make up the 67 Catholic dioceses.

Website Address

Using the Site Effectively

In order to search for a specific parish you need to know in which diocese the parish resides.

  • Go to the above mentioned URL (copy and paste in your internet browser)
  • On the map click on the name of the diocese you want to learn more about
  • In the upper left corner of the screen a link to the diocese PDF file will appear. Click the link to view the PDF file
Information About the PDF files

The PDF files contain the following information:
  • Name and contact information for the diocesan archive
  • History and inventory of the diocesan archive
  • Alphabetical list of parishes within the diocese along with the town/city name where the parish resides
  • Year of the first record for: baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths/burials, and fabricas (financial records)


Each parish list may contain any of the following abbreviated headings:

  • B = baptisms
  • C = confirmations
  • M = marriages
  • D = deaths
  • F = fabricas
  • GC = did the civil war affect the records? A parish may have existed before this time period, but the records may have been destroyed during the war.
  • Co = are the records centralized in the diocesan archive
  • Pic = sites of cultural interest
  • Mic = microfilmed
  • MH = historical records microfilmed (up to 1900)
  • MAD = microfilmed or digitized records of current archives (1972-2000)

Additionally some Spanish Church records have been microfilmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. Some of these microfilms can be ordered to family history centers around the world for anyone to use. You will need to do a Place Search in the Family History Library Catalog for the town where your ancestors lived to determine if the records for your ancestral parish have been microfilmed.

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Anonymous said...

I am looking for information
on Padre Antonio Peyri, born 1769--1836+or -. Where he is buried is
most important. He was from Porrera,Spain. Padre from the early calif. mission days

Harry Dismuke

Unknown said...

My name is Juan Rodriguez - I am looking for my greatgrand father named Pedro Patino, who was married to Candida Vargas. They had a son named Joaquin Patino born about 1863 in Galicia, Spain. They eventually migrated to Puerto Rico! Thank you Juan

Lynn Turner, AG said...


The easiest way for you to find your ancestor in Spain is find the specific town the family was from. You should be able to do this with baptisms, marriages, and/or deaths in Puerto Rico. Once you have the town your search will go from a needle in a haystack to poking yourself in the finger with the needle.