Monday, September 17, 2007

FamilySearch Wiki Beta Launched

If you haven't heard yet, the FamilySearch Wiki (beta version) was launched about a week ago. The site is available for anyone to browse, and the World Wide Support division of FamilySearch is looking for volunteers to help grow the content. If you would like a user account to log in and add an article you will probably have to go through the Contact Us page for now, but open registration should happen sooner than later.

I haven't been involved in the project for about a month now so my numbers might be off a little. There are over 3,000 articles on the site so far, and more than 200 of them are in Spanish. The majority of the articles have been taken from the Research Guidance and Research Helps found on, but they have been in the process of updating them. Many of the articles contain additional information on the research topics including links to websites to helpful sites, and updated contact information for libraries and archives. The site is really becoming a great resources for anyone learning how to do their family history.

Here are a couple of examples:
Here are a couple of cool features of the site:
  • Discussion Groups - aka Forums...there are only a couple right now, but they will probably grow. Forums are great to communicate and coordinate research with others. They are especially nice to ask for help or advice.
  • Multiple Languages - Right now the site is a little English top heavy, but as more and more people get involved there will be thousands of articles in many languages. Simply click on one of the language flags on the home page to use the site in that language. Can you believe that they already have 200+ articles in Spanish?
  • Search - It was so hard to find and use content on, now you can search for a specific topic like "Chile immigration" and you will be directed straight to that article.
There are several more features...visit the site and discover them yourself!! The more people use the site and contribute the more successful it will become. No matter what level of researcher you feel that you are everyone has something to contribute...try it, you'll like it!


Anonymous said...

Open registration is now available. From the home page, click "join" in the upper right corner.

Lynn Turner, AG said...

thanks for the update...