Friday, September 28, 2007

My IGI Videoette

I have tested the 'new features waters' of Blogger, and put together my first 'videoette.' I thought I would put together a short presentation on the IGI, because it is so important to those doing Hispanic genealogy. I hope you enjoy it...I am putting together all my video and audio files myself (with free software) so please be patient as I figure out the best way for me to edit everything.

You can read more about the IGI in one of my earlier posts:

I hope you give me some feedback on my videoette. I'm curious if you like the idea or not, and if you do what other topics would you like me to cover?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lynn,
Enjoyed your sessions in Austin. Your videoette is excellent.Great idea!!! Keep them coming. I will be watching. I had trouble with my volume, but I will fix that. Can you make the computer screen of the videoette with larger text? When I increased my text size the videoette screen wouldn't get bigger. Thanks for your dedication to our Hispanic Genealogy research.

Arturo said...

Hi Lynn !
I enjoyed your class in Austin too, I hope to see you at Hispanic Genealogy Conference in Salt Lake City, UT this coming 19 & 20. I'm trying to use Family Search Wiki, but the Mexico catholic church records is not working yet, right? Do you know another way to locate organization maps of catholic parishes in Mexico before 1800? Thanks for your help.

Lynn Turner, AG said...


Glad you enjoyed the class you attended in Austin...As far as I know everything in the FamilySearch Wiki should be working. If you find some things not working correctly or the way to would expect, please send feedback through the 'Contact Us' page. As far as Catholic parish maps are concerned - the only collection that I have used (published in 1968)can be found in the Directorio eclesiástico : con las parroquias y sacerdotes seculares de toda la república. I will need to check my bibliography to make sure that I am referencing the correct resource. If it isn't correct I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

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