Monday, October 22, 2007

Hispanic Family History Conference Review

I think the announcement that Roots Television was going to record several of the classes, and the rain/snow showers kept a lot of people away from the conference. I'm guessing that we had about 75 registered attendees, which is not good if you want more classes on the topic of Hispanic genealogy. As most of you know when the demand isn't high for a particular product, then those producing that product aren't too anxious to continue producing it. I'm not saying that there isn't a need, nor am I saying that the interest level isn't there, but I was disappointed to see small class sizes.

Understanding that there was more of a world wide interest lessens the blow for me. Receiving about 50 emails from individuals requesting that the conference be recorded or transmitted via the web was great (it was a huge determining factor for getting classes recorded) . I think that those of you that sent the emails represented hundreds or even possibly thousands through out Latin America and Spain. You 'emailers' should be happy to know that 8 total classes were video taped by Roots Television, which turned out to be one half of all the Saturday classes. Roots TV was incredible to work with, and I believe we will be seeing the classes on their site in the near future...which brings me back to supply and demand. If we want to see more Hispanic classes (and other material for Hispanic countries) videotaped by Roots TV, then we need to prove to them that there is a need. If only the 50 people that emailed me visit their site to view the Hispanic conference material, then they probably won't add more stuff on the topic. Roots TV did tell me that they thought that this would merely be the tip of the iceberg, however, if no one comes to their site to use it, the iceberg just might melt away...THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION: MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD IN THE GENEALOGICAL COMMUNITY. TELL EVERYONE - USE THE ONLINE CLASSES, MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT ON THE ROOTS TELEVISION SITE!! Just like you guys made this videotaping happen you can make Hispanic genealogy the hottest niche in the industry/community.

Since I told everyone in my classes not to take notes, I thought I would let everyone know where I have posted the slides from my presentations. Hopefully those of you that weren't at the classes will benefit from them as well. You can find them by visiting the 'Hispanic Genealogy' google group ( you can also find a link to the group on the bottom right side of the screen of this blog under the section titled: 'Groups'). If you have a genealogy / family history question you can also ask it on the google group in the discussions section. You can also check out the different Mexico websites (we only scratched the surface in the class) that I wrote about back in June by clicking here.

Thanks again for all the made this happen, now let's raise the bar! Let's make sure that the Hispanic community gets as much attention genealogically speaking as does the United States and Europe.

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