Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hispanic Family History Conference Online

One of the emails that I received asking that the FHL transmit or record the classes from the recent Hispanic genealogy conference was from a passionate family historian from Mexico. The emailer couldn't understand why the conference was going to take place in Salt Lake City. It amused me when the emailer compared it having the Muslim pilgrimage to Mexico City instead to Mecca. It amused me, because Salt Lake City is often referred to the Mecca for family history / genealogy research. To me it makes sense having a conference at the largest genealogical library in the World, the same library that draws thousands from around the globe to research their ancestors.

Again, I would like to thank all those that emailed me (and Ruth) asking that something be done so that those that couldn't make it to 'Mecca' could participate. The same emailer suggested that we hold the conference in different countries each year, which is a wonderful idea, however, it's probably not the most cost effective way to do it, and it would take us more than 15 years to cover every country. So, what's the best way to reach out to the potentially thousands of people desiring to drink from the genealogical well? THE INTERNET!!

About a week or so ago I had a phone conversation with Jonathan Walker, who works with http://www.familyhistoryliveonline.com offering one class per week on Hispanic genealogy. We decided that we would like to do an online family history fair/conference in January. We are hoping for Saturday, January 12th, however that may change by a week or so...stay tuned.

Jonathan and I feel that there is a need to reach out to those around the world so that we can learn from one another and try to get more people interested in discovering their Hispanic roots. We think that starting small and proving to others that there is a need is the best way to start. We have decided to hold 4 classes (2 classes be presented simultaneously).

First things first...what are you interested in? What topics would you like to hear us discuss in our first online fair/conference? This is a chance for you to recommend a class on a topic that you have always needed or wanted. We will take the 4 highest recommended topics and prepare the classes. Did I mention that the classes can be in Spanish or English?

So, how do you make your recommendations? Leave a comment at the end of this blog post, or participate in the poll that will be made available in the near future. I will propose a few topics to get the ball rolling, but it will be up to you guys to determine which topics are presented. You can also email Jonathan (I'll post his email once I have his permission). If people would like to contact me to make their recommendations I would prefer it be done via the blog (comments section and or via the poll)

Mark 12 Jan 2008 on your calendar (keep in mind that this date is subject to change). You will see several announcements in a handful of mailing lists and online newsletters over the next couple of months. Please let others know...some may not have believed me that the more noise you make the more attention you'll get, but in this case it is true. If the first online fair/conference is successful, then it will only result in more frequent and larger ones in the future.


Anonymous said...

My suggestion Parish records
Getting Started
Searching the catalog for records
in Latin America

Anonymous said...

Please let us know when your conf.
classes are up on Roots TV

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping
us hispanic researchers!!!

Lynn Turner, AG said...

Thanks for the suggestions, I will make note of them. Please know that the the poll will change in a couple of weeks and I will list more possible topics. I will definitely let everyone know when the conference classes are posted.

OFRAME said...

Dear Lynn,

I think that habving these conferences and classes on line is a FANTASTIC idea! I received the e-mail about the conference but for me it is completely out f the question to incur travel expenses for a hobby when I have family obligations with college in the not so distant future. I am certain that it isn't the lack of interest that is the problem but rather the logistical and financial constraints which caused the low turn out. I see basic questions all the time on the internet groups that I subscribe to and I know from my own experience that there is still a great deal that I don't know. Please let me know more about this conference and the classes. I am dying to learn all I can from someone with your expertise!


Anonymous said...

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Gracias otra vez.

Lynn Turner, AG said...

Interesting comment, I never related the scripture to genealogy classes/conferneces.

Anonymous said...

The hispanic page of familyhistorylive will have to be redone, re translated before the conference. Many grammatical mistakes.