Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mexico IGI Batch Number Experiment

I am probably the worst genealogist in the world when it comes to research logs and keeping track of where I have searched, especially when it comes to recording IGI batch numbers. Luckily groups like Nuestros Ranchos and the Asociación de Genealogía Hispana have done a wonderful job in parts of Mexico (thank you Nuestros Ranchos), and other Latin American countries (thank you AGH) to record batch information.

I was teaching my students this last week about wikis, and we talked about the FamilySearch Wiki and all the good it's doing, but it also got me thinking. Wikis are designed for mass authoring or contributors. Depending on the wiki and how it's set up anyone coming to your site or anyone that creates an account can help build content, or facilitate a group of people working on a specific project.

The wheels started turning; I have always been troubled by the fact that there isn't one good repository/website that lists IGI batch numbers for all of I created an IGI Mexico batch lab /experiment. I created a wiki for anyone can use and/or contribute to; it's found at:

All you have to do to contribute a batch number is to create an account, which is free, then you can add batch numbers to your heart's content. The more people that contribute the better and more complete the batch number collection will be. For those of you new to wikis and/or to wetpaint, I recommend going through the video tour, which is made available once you create your account. You will be amazed at how easy it is to add stuff to the wiki.

For more information about IGI batch numbers and why they are so important in Mexican (and Hispanic genealogy in general) genealogy / family history please read my blog post:

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Salvador Cabral Valdes said...

Batch huejucar jalisco

Año año Batch Rollo o Film
1765 1778 C603325 1158228
1765 1783 J602981 445088
1765 1783 K602981 445088
1783 1805 J602982 445089
1783 1805 K602982 445089
1805 1823 J602983 445090
1805 1823 K602983 445090
1824 1832 J602984 445091
1824 1832 K602984 445091
1833 1847 J602938 445092
1833 1847 K602938 445092
1847 1855 C602989 445093
1855 1863 C606011 445094
1863 1867 C606012 445093
1868 1875 C606013 445096
1868 1875 C606014 445105
1771 1834 M602985 445146
1834 1885 M602886 445147
1885 M602987 445148