Friday, October 26, 2007

A Tale of the Numbers...

First Things First

I have been tempted to wait a few more days to do another post, but blogging is addicting and I thought I would throw some numbers at me they are pretty interesting. I'm not one for math and numbers, I've hated them all my life, but these numbers are pretty exciting. It's almost like a response to my somewhat controversial review of the FHL Hispanic conference last weekend.

If you haven't stopped by for a few days (since the 24th), then please read the post titled: Hispanic Family History Conference Online. Please read through the post and leave comments...also, I've posted a poll on the same topic, please, please (I'm begging all of you) cast your vote!

The numbers

Visits and page views - Since my last two posts (see above) my blog visits and page views have more than doubled. Over the last five days the blog has averaged 43 visits and 2.6 page views per visit. The average visit length on the blog is just over 6 minutes. This shows me that the last two topics have been hot topics, and visitors want to learn more about Hispanic genealogy especially through online conferences. These numbers also tell me that my initial goal for the blog is being accomplished. The purpose of the blog is to educate others on the topic of Hispanic genealogy, and it appears that people are using it as a place to come and learn about different resources available to them. Thank you all for visiting and encouraging me to continue blogging, please let others know about it...and keep coming back!!

Visitor IP Address info - My site meter doesn't give any bank account numbers or other personal information, but is does tell me where visitors live. today's numbers were quite interesting to me, because 60% were from outside the United States (40 visits as of 9:00pm MST). This is pretty high given that I write all my articles in English. If you don't struggle reading English, then you can always use Google to help you out. I admit it's not the best way to have something translated, but it's probably just as good or better than my grammar. To view my blog in Spanish go to and do a search for "hispanic genealogy+Lynn Turner" then click on the link by my blog's URL that says: "Traduzca esta pagina" and the site and all it's contents will appear in Spanish. Here is the breakdown of the foreign visitors that visited the blog today.

  • Spain - 7 visitors
  • Puerto Rico - 4 visitors
  • Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, and Argentina - 2 visitors each
  • El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Uruguay, and Liectenstein - 1 visitor each
My site meter isn't perfect. It is possible that the same person visited my blog 2 or more times through out the day, however, I think these viewers were mostly unique given that the site meter tells me where in each country the visitors were from, for example. The El Salvador visitor was from Atiquizaya, Ahuachapan. Thank you all again for visiting and using the blog it definitely encourages me to keep doing it.

Mexico IGI Batch Number Experiment - A little background. I teach part-time at Brigham Young University a class called: Computers in Family History. Part of the class on Wednesday, October 10th was on wikis. Since I asked the class to create or contribute to a genealogical wiki I decided that I would do the same. As part of my lecture that day I had the class watch a little video called: Wikis in Plain English. After the class I watched another video done by the same company (The Common Craft) called Wetpaint Wikis in Plain English. If you have 5-10 minutes you should watch these videos. Wetpaint seemed like an easy wiki to use, so the Mexico IGI batch number experiment was born.

Since October 13th I have had 3 other individuals join the wiki and 2 of them have contributed at least one batch number. Let me tell you what we have done in 2 weeks worth of work. Since October 13th 109 batches have been entered into the wiki. That is 109 batches for 31 towns/cities in Mexico. If you don't know what IGI batch numbers are or how they can help you in your research please read: IGI on FamilySearch and watch my meager attempt at a video version called My IGI Videoette. Hopefully my videos will get better! 109 batch numbers is a great start and I have a feeling that it is only going to get bigger. Please join the wiki and see how easy it is to add batch numbers to the pages. The more people contributing the better. Imagine if only one person was trying to undertake this kind of would take forever, but with the help of the community it will won't take as long. Just for your information the top 4 states with the most batch numbers up until today are:
Thank you OFRAME for joining and contributing all that you have!!

Well, the numbers probably aren't as interesting to you as they are to me, however, I think we can all learn from them. Thank you all again for coming to the site and encouraging me via your visits to keep blogging and keep contributing to the Hispanic genealogical community.


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