Thursday, November 29, 2007

1895 Argentina Census Now Online

Having the the Mexico 1930 National Census images available online was a pretty significant event for Hispanic genealogy. For the first time a major Latin American collection had been published online for free. It definitely marked a turning point for anyone doing Hispanic family history/genealogy, now the same collection is being indexed. I strongly believe that the Mexico 1930 Census paved the way for other collections. Now on FamilySearch Record Search you can search the 1895 Argentina National Census. The searchable index is linked to digital images and for the first time Argentines have a valuable collection at their fingertips. Again, all available for free!!

Items that can be found on the 1895 Argentina Census:
  • Full name of all individuals in a household.
  • Place of birth if born in Argentina. If an individual was born outside of Argentina, then their nationality was given (same as country of birth).
  • Age, gender, and civil status of all individuals
  • Religion, Occupation, whether the individual could read or write
  • If the person is going to school (for children)
  • If the person owns real estate
  • How many children an individual had (for women) and how many years a couple had been married
  • If the person was physical or mentally handicap or an orphan
I hope everyone that has Argentine ancestors appreciates this collection and uses it in their research. Being online the census will make research much faster and in many cases more easy. keep coming back to Record Search for additional Latin American collections, inevitably more are coming.


Daniel said...

The site says that although the index is 100% complete, only 63% of the images are online. Any idea why? Or when the rest will appear?

My relative, of course, is one of the imageless 37%. :-(

Lynn Turner, AG said...

Give me a couple of days to investigate...sometimes there are linking issues between the index and images. Another scenario might be poor image quality, I'll ask around and see if I can get to the bottom of it.

mushroom said...

My family lived in Argentina from around 1900 - 1915. Any idea when this census data might appear on line?