Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Mexico IGI Batch Numbers Added...

If you are reading this, and you still haven't visited the Mexico IGI batch number wiki you are missing out! If you have been to the site and benefited from the work of others, then we hope that you will return the favor and contribute other batch numbers to the site too...that's why I decided to make it a wiki. A wiki allows any registered user (in this case) to add information on any page. Some of you may think that this is scary and seems like a big problem with so many people being able to change the pages, but this is a work that should be done by many, not one or a handful of people.

I wanted to take a minute and give another update of the site. As of today (6 Nov 2007) 809 batch numbers for 20 different states have been added to the wiki...not bad for being up for less than one month. This is just a drop in the bucket of the total number of batches out there for Mexico. Come be apart of something that is growing, and helpful to others. This is a wonderful opportunity to share with each other.


Unknown said...

I have not visited the sight yet.
I am a "low, low tech person, so if I need directions on how to post my batch numbers, I'll let you know. I am cuurrently research Agualeguas, Nuevo Leon.Surnames De Ayala, Franco,Fernandez de Jauregui(that later dropped Fernandez), Ruiz, Barrera, Vela,Espinoza, Molina,Cadena,Cuellar,Munoz,Villarreal
Can't wait to check out the IGI Batch site.
Patricia Garcia Ayala de Ottum

Unknown said...

Just visited the batch number site and joined. I stopped when I was asked to do a Profile. Question:e What are you suppose to include in the Profile?

Lynn Turner, AG said...

You only have to create a profile (username and password and an email address so we can work together) if you want to add batch numbers. If you just want to use the batch numbers that have been added by others, then you do not have to create a profile.