Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nicaragua FamilySearch Indexing Project Launched

I haven't felt very much excitement in the Hispanic genealogy community for the Nicaragua (Managua) Civil Registration indexing project. Clearly the first initial push on this project is late 20th century records, which aren't the most desirable records for genealogists, however it is important that the project be supported.

The buzz surrounding the Mexico 1930 indexing project (a handful of states are being added as the project progresses) was deafening, at least I thought, until recent reports suggested FamilySearch Indexing is not seeing the number of volunteer indexers working on the project as they initially thought they would. I hope everyone who can dedicate some time to participate will do so...the whole concept behind the program is to let people work on indexing when it's convenient for them.

As an advocate of Hispanic genealogy I would love to see an indexing project for each Latin American country. Doing so would provide motivation for genealogists throughout Latin America to participate in a project that is meaningful to them. Unfortunately I believe that if FamilySearch Indexing continues to see a lack of response to Spanish indexing projects Hispanic countries will be put on the back burner.

Now is the time to prove to FamilySearch and the genealogical community as a whole that Latin America shouldn't be overlooked anymore. FamilySearch has initiated two projects, and hopefully more are on the way; now is the time of opportunity. Please come and participate in indexing. Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives to come and help out. If you are a family history center director or a family history consultant invite everyone that you work with to participate in indexing. Remember: "If we all do a little, then we can all do a lot."

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