Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roots Television and FHL Hispanic Genealogy Conference Update

I imagine many of you are wondering why the FHL Hispanic Genealogy Conference classes have not been posted on Roots Television. Having asked myself the very same question I did some digging. Here is what I know so far...

asked that the classes not be published on Roots Television at this time. I believe the two are looking for ways to work together in order to publish the Hispanic genealogy classes along with other FHL classes on many different genealogy topics.

I'm pretty confident that the classes will eventually be posted online, however, it is going to take a little longer than we initially hoped.

Factoid: Since being published on Roots Television on November 1st the class: Spanish Parish Records ranks in the top 10 most viewed videos for the month. It has been viewed nearly 1,000 times.

With a demand like that I think it's in FamilySearch's and Roots Television's best interest to get the other classes up as quickly as possible.

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Katuska said...

The access to these videos is fantastic. Thank you for this information. I found the paleography video very informative and helpful even though I am a native spanish speaker. I hope that the classes from this year's hispanic conference get loaded up and the genealogy classes from the upcoming genealogy conference at BYU and family history classes during education week. Thanks for providing this information.