Saturday, December 8, 2007

1895 Argentina Census Now Online part 2

This last week of work has been interesting. I've had a handful of people come into my office and express their surprise at the number of unique visitors FamilySearch Labs is getting from Argentina. According to site statistics Argentina and Canada were in a dead heat for the country with the second most visitors to the site (behind the United States). The spike in the numbers (visitors from Argentina) followed directly on the heels of my post announcing the the database on the site...I guess people are reading my blog, and then sharing the information with others; cool!

Yesterday it was determined that some of the images were scanned as bi-tonal (most were scanned as gray-scale images), meaning that their quality is not as good as they should be. I curious to know if people have actually noticed a difference in some of the images. If you have used the 1895 Census collection on FamilySearch Labs and found that some of the images are not readable will you please let me know? Go ahead and leave me a comment at the end of this post...thanks!!

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