Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Argentina 1895 Census Part 4

A comment posted on my one of my last posts concerning the 1895 Census caught my attention. The comment read:

"The site says that although the index is 100% complete, only 63% of the images are online. Any idea why? Or when the rest will appear? My relative, of course, is one of the imageless 37%."

The short answer - The 1895 Census was scanned by FamilySearch about 3-4 years ago. The first 35% microfilms of the collection (give or take 2%) were scanned as bi tonal images (meaning black and white), not gray-scale. The bi tonal images were not very good quality and it was decided to wait to publish the images on the site. Since that time it has been determined that the bi tonal images will be published, so that all images will be available to users. In time the microfilms that were scanned as bi tonally will be redone as gray-scale. After the images are re-scanned in gray-scale they will be linked to the index (which might take some time).

Hopefully this answers the question. In time I am confident that the site and it's collections will get better. Publishing the Mexico 1930 Census (browse only for now), and the Argentina 1895 Census (search only for now), I believe that FamilySearch has shown a desire/interest to reach out to the Hispanic community. We are witnessing some pretty cool advancements in Hispanic family history/genealogy...with a little more time I believe we will see more and more collections online for Hispanic countries.

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Lynn Turner, AG said...

All images should now be available on Record Search. Keep in mind that some of the images are bi tonal so the quality of the images aren't the best, however, these will eventually be replaced.