Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Class Posted on Roots Television

I imagine that most of you have forgotten about the Hispanic Family History and Genealogy conference last October. Recently I have been thinking about Roots Television and wondering why the rest of the classes have not been posted yet. I thought that the classes taught were good, and there was a lot of interest.

This morning I received an email from Marcy Brown (owner/founder of Roots Television) letting me know that another lecture has been posted. The class is: Genealogical Research in Mexico. The class is taught in Spanish.

In addition to letting me know about this new class being posted on her site, Marcy shared some interesting information on the other classes. There are two other classes (that I did) already on the site, one in English, and the other in Spanish. It must be my poor Spanish, or lack of 'word of mouth'...whatever the reason the English class has had more than 75% more traffic. Although I can't speak for Marcy Brown and Roots Television, this could be a good reason why they haven't posted/published the other classes (taught in Spanish) on their site.

Hearing about the difference between the traffic between the English class and the Spanish class I was disheartened. I'm glad that we had 11 people participate in the FHLO online conference/fair, however, I would have thought that more would have attended it as well. I've blogged about this before, and I believe everyone knows how I feel about it so I won't discuss it anymore...let's just get the word out!!

For those of you that have not visited Roots Television here is how you can access the classes:
For your information the following Hispanic Classes are currently on Roots Television:
  1. Buscando ancestros Mexicanos en el Internet
  2. Spanish Paleography: making sense of Spanish parish registers
  3. Mexico: Genealogical Research (in Spanish)
Traducción a Español esta en el proceso...gracias por su paciencia.

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