Friday, February 29, 2008

Spanish Municipal Archives by Dr. George R. Ryskamp

Roots Television just posted another Hispanic genealogy class on their site. This one is the Municipal Archive lecture done by Dr. George R. Ryskamp, who teaches Hispanic genealogy (and other genealogy courses) at Brigham Young University.

The class is about 45 minutes long and is in English, but has a lot of good information relating to doing municipal archive research in Spain, and Latin America (mainly talks about Spain).

I think the lecture was more interesting to me now than possibly before, because I am currently working with a municipal archivist in Galicia, Spain. We have exchanged several emails, and she has been key in helping me identify another generation through local census records, she even worked with the local civil registration office to get me copies of birth certificates. Everyone doing Hispanic genealogy should watch this lecture/class and take advantage of the wonderful resources in municipal archives.

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