Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 2013 Collection Highlight

I have been wanting to highlight collections on that could prove helpful in your research. This month I want to highlight: Spain, Province of Granada, Catholic Church Pre-marriage Investigation Files, 1556-1899.

Background - I didn't name the collection, but if I had I would have referred to it a diocesan collection from the diocese of Granada. The collection was microfilmed in the 1980s by FamilySearch (then called the Genealogical Society of Utah) at the Diocesan Archive of Granda. In 1988 FamilySearch created an index, which was published on microfiche.

How to access the collection today - The 1988 index created by FamilySearch (volunteers that created the index on their spare time) was discovered in electronic format and reformatted to work with modern systems in 2010. FamilySearch published the index on - an example of what you will find is below.

Name:Andres Pulido
Event Type:Marriage
Event Date:17 Jul 1795
Event Place:Granada, Spain
Birth Year (Estimated):
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Spouse's Name:Ysabel de Valle
Spouse's Age:
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated):
Spouse's Father's Name:
Spouse's Mother's Name:
GS Film number:1650117
Image Number:111

How to understand and use the collection - The collection has more than 450,000 marriages. These marriages have proven their valor in helping resolve research problems in parishes where record destruction has stolen the baptisms, marriages, and deaths from us (my estimate is that 40%-50% of the diocese was destroyed during the Spanish civil war). The index (shown above) has a key field in that you wouldn't think is essential and necessary....'Image Number.' Image number in this case refers to 'sequence number,' meaning that the pre-marriage investigation packet for Andres Pulido and Ysabel del Valle is number 111 on microfilm number 1650117. Since FamilySearch does not have digital rights to scan and publish the microfilms from the diocese of Granada online. So, the only way to consult the actual pre-marriage investigation, or marriage dispensation, you will have to order the microfilm to your local FamilySearch center.

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